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  • Mountains

  • TAIWAN, thank you!

    Earlier this year I visited Taiwan, an amazing gem of which I have to share with the world. Along with some amazing stories…

  • Nafplio

    A trip to Nafplio showed me a different side to Greece. Where this city is so clean, has fresh air and delicious food. This is in big contrast with Athens and shows me that there is so much more then Athens and makes you think about big city’s and there complexities…

  • Update of the website

    Dear visitor, Enjoy the newly revised website, where I implantated books for my pictures.

  • New work as an intern

    While working as an intern at Bob van Rooijen and Annie Hoogendoorn, I took some time to shoot my own photo’s in the studio. You can watch this new work in the portraits section of my website… Here I have been busy with the new skills i acquired during my internship, where I make more […]

  • Amsterdam !!!

    Since 26th of October I am an intern in photography by Bob van Rooijen, where I will learn all the tricks to become a good photographer. Lately I have been busy with setting up an international database. Upcoming is making stills…