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  • Hiring a car in Athens

    So as time passes by I am experiencing an all-different levels the Greek culture and so on this also happened when I wanted to hire a car. Fist off hiring a car can be cheap in Athens. For just 20 euro’s a day you can get a car, then the additional insurance is 10 euros […]

  • Nafplio

    A trip to Nafplio showed me a different side to Greece. Where this city is so clean, has fresh air and delicious food. This is in big contrast with Athens and shows me that there is so much more then Athens and makes you think about big city’s and there complexities…

  • protection of the parade at independence day…

    Independence day 2012 at Syntagma square Athens, for the protection of the government they estimated it would be the best to let +/- 5000 police officers work.. In protection of there behaviour…

  • The leads

    as it is going now, it looks like i will be taking a part at the riot police in athens as a volunteer… this to experience the line of work and in hope to get through with my docu.

  • Follow up

    So through the people I met, I am now following up to leads towards the police in which case this will be the first major breakthrough in my documentary 🙂 lets hope it will all go well…. ill let you know

  • Athens nowadays

    So now I am back in Athens again, this time to really work out my project and i must say the situation has changed… Where in oktober there were a lot of demonstrations now peace seems to take over, nevertheless people are scared of the future which will be uncertain for a long time.   […]

  • Greece

    Since I am starting with my graduation project, I wanted to keep all of you posted. During my classes I found out that i will investigate into the subject of greece… Once determined to go, i bought the tickets and now almost dan with my first investigation into greece. My conclusion is that it is […]