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  • # Steel Workers

    Last week I was pointed upon the steelworkers in Athens who are on a strike now for 7 months. They fight against the changing climate and especially against the opportunity their boss sees in this situation. Since the crisis there were 120 people fired from the factory were 500 men worked on hard labour. But […]

  • # Red Cross

    To get a better view of the problems that the Greeks are facing I visited a homeless shelter from the Red Cross in Athens. Here they see an increase of homeless people since one and a halve year, al the time they were already at there maximum capacity, but now they have to set the […]

  • # Press

    Last Tuesday there was a small demonstration organized, and of course i had to visit it. The interesting part to see is the ratio of press versus citizens, and this day there was a nice balance. Although when on a normal day in Athens you hardly see any photographers, like the ones on the photograph. […]

  • # The police force

    So during the weeks I tried for my research to get in contact with the police officers to eventually make a photographic documentary. During this quest I saw more and more the difficulties that the Greek public probably also will encounter in some other way. While I spoke to a couple of policeman at the […]

  • # Daily costs

    Last week I did some groceries, I went to the Lidl because I am most familiar with this supermarket chain. So after getting al the stuff I needed I went of to the cash register. While waiting in line I always guess how much it will be. When everything was all packed the cashier told […]

  • # glory of the past

      In 2004 Greece hosted the Olympic games, while the buildings were just in time completed the expenses rose above budget, even more when just a couple of days before the opening ceremony a plastic bomb package was discovered. Because of this they had to secure the games by installing 70.000 police officers. Now almost […]

  • # Frappe

      Being some time in Greece one of the things you will notice is the frappe 🙂 the typical Greek cold coffee. You can order this at one of the many many many café’s in Athens or of course any other decent place. Here in Athens I noticed that when you will go for a […]

  • #Runner Up – Koudelka facebook competition, Athens house of photography

    On 25th of March one of my photographs participated into this competition from which the concept is new to me. Even when I participated I just forgot about the whole competition and just last Friday I reminded myself about this. I checked the website and without doing anything I already got many likes on my […]

  • Toxic fumes and other revelations

    In remembrance of the 77 old man who committed suicide. He did this because after he retired his salary has been cut due to the austerity measurements. This was so severely that he preferred to die rather than losing his dignity and start searching for food in the garbage cans. While this happened yesterday morning, […]

  • Enriching forest fires

    During my travels I came to mind that you will find these destructed forests, which are destroyed by forest fires. The question comes to mind in how many cases it was a natural fire and when people lighted it. For sure there is a benefit for destroying the nature, which is that the property then […]