# Frappe


Being some time in Greece one of the things you will notice is the frappe 🙂 the typical Greek cold coffee. You can order this at one of the many many many café’s in Athens or of course any other decent place.

Here in Athens I noticed that when you will go for a coffee that this is different from home. Going for a coffee can mean as much as taking one coffee and sit at the place up to 5 or 6 hours without ordering anything more… Where as back home definitely the waiter will come in the meantime and wants you at some point to order something again or after a couple of hours definitely ask you pleasantly to leave. The mind-set back home is more focused on making money and so time at a table is equal to a certain amount of revenue.

Here the policy is quit the opposite, when you will have clients, they can stay as long as they want. Because this will attract more people to come while you don’t want a coffee in an empty place. Maybe this is even enhanced in Athens by the enormous amount of coffee places, next to that the experience that Greeks have about time is different. There focus I would say is less on making money, and more about having quality time.