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As an independent photographer my passion is about story telling, expressing and the adventures happening on the earth. Getting people together and making them realize what is going on.

For being independent I strave to show a different angle to subjects that may have been highlighted in the media. For I prefer a much slower coverage on my topics, where I like talk with people from the streets gathering information and trying to get a more varied, down to the ground reportage about what it is that is going on.

I started with graduating on the topic of Greece and the economic crisis, where it is very interesting how many layers of complexicity this topic consists of. How the public responds to governmental performance and how this has it’s own affect in it’s turn.

Now I am currently developing a new research topic covering mental emberrasment. Where I strive to create an more open genuine society, if you have suggestions or recommendations, please do contact me!


Edward Scholtens (1985) graduated in the summer of 2012 at the Minerva University of Popculture at Leeuwarden,
with a documentarian research towards the origin of the Eurocrisis in Greece. He has for 3 months lived in Athens to
gain a better insight to how circumstances could develop like they did…

His curious and researching nature combined with a lust to travel causes a opinionated vision.
In this vision he tries to show the beauty of the world in coherence with the openness of the diverse cultures.
Thus to visualize his vision of a developing society.

Exhibition at Groningen, The Netherlands Westerkade 10 a long side Erik Zwezrijnen in 2012

Internship at Bob van Rooijen photography and Annie Hoogendoorn Photography in 2011

Exhibition at Tampere, Finland
– Notbeck gallery, 2010
– on the streets, 2010
– communual house at tuomiokirkonkatu, 2010