# Daily costs

Last week I did some groceries, I went to the Lidl because I am most familiar with this supermarket chain. So after getting al the stuff I needed I went of to the cash register. While waiting in line I always guess how much it will be. When everything was all packed the cashier told me it was almost 30 euro’s, my heart skipped a beat… Ok I had the money but I was expecting 15 to 20 euro’s and this was a bit more.
Of course they have cut backs and the taxes are increased on food, normally nowadays in Greece you pay a tax of either 13% or 23% depending of course if it is considered luxury food or not.
Anyhow I couldn’t help myself to be curious towards what I should pay at home, knowing that The Netherlands is the second cheapest groceries country in Europe.
I asked my mom to take a look at my products and what the prices are there, without her knowing what I would pay here. Here are the results:

Espana – original Jamon serrano             100 gr      NL 1,89   Gr 2.69
Chene d’argent Brie (produit en France)  200 gr      NL 0,89   Gr 1.85
Maribel strawberry marmelade                450 gr      NL 1,09   Gr 1.69
Marlene Honey                                        500 gr      NL 2,29   Gr 3.89
Rivercote baguette                                  2 pieces   NL 0,95   Gr 0.99

In total just for these 5 products there is a difference of 4 euros at the cost of the Greek civilians. And then to think of that next to that there are also the severe cutbacks…