Toxic fumes and other revelations

In remembrance of the 77 old man who committed suicide. He did this because after he retired his salary has been cut due to the austerity measurements. This was so severely that he preferred to die rather than losing his dignity and start searching for food in the garbage cans. While this happened yesterday morning, later on the day there were demonstrations. The tension was high and you could really feel how the Greeks sympathized with the suicide of the old man, for which the tree transformed to a symbol of his death.

In the end due to unfortunate circumstances a girl got injured, then you saw immediately the help the people wanted to offer. After a short time the paramedics arrived, which are always present during any demonstration at Syntagma square.  Thanks to them she got the help she needed ending up in a drive by the ambulance towards the hospital.

While I wasn’t up to date about the events during the day I noticed at the evening that there was a demonstration. Unfortunately I wasn’t well prepared and so I had to endure several cases of tear-gas, next to that I had a limited amount of pictures while I only had one memory card. Fortunately my equipment was sufficient to prove worthy for this sudden chain of happenings.

Enriching forest fires

During my travels I came to mind that you will find these destructed forests, which are destroyed by forest fires. The question comes to mind in how many cases it was a natural fire and when people lighted it.

For sure there is a benefit for destroying the nature, which is that the property then can be used for building purposes and so the lands value will be increased. This destructive behaviour has for sure already benefited quit some people…

The hard part is to prove that this happened and then who created the fire, because most likely the landowner would hire some body to light it. Anyway the results are quit clear, first off like the picture there will be empty hills that are more vulnerable to earthquakes. Then second there will be an increase in property development, the sad part about this is that it’s always at the cost of the beautiful nature.

Hiring a car in Athens

So as time passes by I am experiencing an all-different levels the Greek culture and so on this also happened when I wanted to hire a car. Fist off hiring a car can be cheap in Athens. For just 20 euro’s a day you can get a car, then the additional insurance is 10 euros a day. So after filling in the paper without looking at the car, you get a short explanation and then you are off to go, since there is only a quarter tank of petrol left I have to return it with the same amount…

Then after driving like crazy in Athens I notice I can really cope with the crazy atmosphere and enjoy how lively the driving is. Sometimes I get to enthusiastic and so scare off the Greeks on the road.

Yesterday during a road trip to Karystos I caused a accident and so I could experience how they handle this. I hit the mirror of a double-parked car on the main street with my own mirror. After stopping and going with a friend who knows Greek they explained to me that even though the mirror was totally broken it was okay. Probably because they were parked in a bad way and because it was not a new car anyway…

But it is nice how you will handle this without police and this is a thing I would say what reflects a part of the culture while getting the police involved would also probably comes with a lot of bureaucracy…


A trip to Nafplio showed me a different side to Greece. Where this city is so clean, has fresh air and delicious food. This is in big contrast with Athens and shows me that there is so much more then Athens and makes you think about big city’s and there complexities…

The leads

as it is going now, it looks like i will be taking a part at the riot police in athens as a volunteer… this to experience the line of work and in hope to get through with my docu.

Follow up

So through the people I met, I am now following up to leads towards the police in which case this will be the first major breakthrough in my documentary 🙂 lets hope it will all go well….

ill let you know

Athens nowadays

So now I am back in Athens again, this time to really work out my project and i must say the situation has changed… Where in oktober there were a lot of demonstrations now peace seems to take over, nevertheless people are scared of the future which will be uncertain for a long time.




Since I am starting with my graduation project, I wanted to keep all of you posted. During my classes I found out that i will investigate into the subject of greece…

Once determined to go, i bought the tickets and now almost dan with my first investigation into greece. My conclusion is that it is a big mess, and you could wonder how it was possible that they would ever be part of the EU. Anyway they are now and for sure there is too much going on to investigate, I should highlight just a small part of it…