Edward Scholtens (1985) graduated in the summer of 2012 at the Minerva University of Popculture at Leeuwarden,
with a documentarian research towards the origin of the Eurocrisis in Greece. He has for 3 months lived in Athens to
gain a better insight to how circumstances could develop like they did…

His curious and researching nature combined with a lust to travel causes a opinionated vision.
In this vision he tries to show the beauty of the world in coherence with the openness of the diverse cultures.
Thus to visualize his vision of a developing society.



  1. Exhibition at Groningen, The Netherlands Westerkade 10 a long side Erik Zwezrijnen in 2012
  2. Internship at Bob van Rooijen photography and Annie Hoogendoorn Photography in 2011
  3. Exhibition at Tampere, Finland
    – Notbeck gallery, 2010
    – on the streets, 2010
    – communual house at tuomiokirkonkatu, 2010